From visionaries to builders, we are The Bridgers. Get to know the talented individuals who bring your ideas to life. Dive into their expertise and experience the collaborative power that makes Bridging Associates your ultimate partner. 
We’re the Bridgers—a bunch of young, passionate minds on a mission. We thrive on connecting dots, sparking ideas, and bringing fresh perspectives to the table. From brainstorming sessions to executing innovative concepts, we’re the fuel that ignites transformative change. With a zest for creativity and a hunger for meaningful collaborations, we bridge gaps, create connections, and turn possibilities into realities. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we redefine what’s possible and leave a mark that resonates beyond boundaries.

Faces Behind The Success

Welcome to the heart and soul of Bridging Associates—where brilliance meets camaraderie, and innovation thrives in the company of eclectic minds. Behind every success story, there’s a cast of characters brimming with passion, expertise, and an insatiable drive to redefine what’s possible. Get ready to uncover the vibrant tapestry of our team, where each face brings a unique spark to the symphony of our collective ambition. Buckle up as we introduce the wizards weaving magic behind the scenes, planning your success.

BA Memes - Another Side Of BA

Welcome to our meme haven! Here at Bridging Associates, we’ve got a meme maestro on our team whose passion for creating laugh-out-loud moments led to the birth of our Instagram meme page. From trending topics to the quirks of everyday life, our memes are crafted with love and humour. What started as dedication and hard work soon paid off, and before we knew it, we were hitting the viral jackpot! Our memes have reached hundreds of thousands, sparking engaging conversations and spreading joy. Join us in this laughter-filled journey—we promise your feed won’t be the same again!

Design With BA - Our Creatives

Ever wondered how stunning designs come to life? Dive into our Instagram handle, Design With BA, your backstage pass to the world of creativity. 🌟
We’re all about revealing the magic behind our awesome designs and branding works. 🖌️💡 Get an exclusive peek behind the scenes, witness our brainstorming sessions, and see how we craft captivating visuals that tell compelling stories.
Join us on this creative journey and be inspired! Follow us for a dose of design inspiration and behind-the-scenes insights. Let’s paint the world with creativity together! 🎨✨

Meet Our Team

Manish Chandwani
Founder Of BA
Our Professor Dumbledore. His work and words always guide our team to new success. He doesn’t need a magic stick; his words are enough to spell the magic.
Vishal Kungwani
Co-founder Of BA
Meet the Jack Sparrow of our Company. The guy who guides our sail to the treasure of success and client growth. His strategies never fail to lead our clients to their desired treasure (reach/leads/sales).
Bharat Galani
Senior Creative Designer
He impresses the audience with his astounding creative designs. He is our Creative Magician! His magic spells, mantras, and a lot of hard work always surprise us and the audiences.
Gajanan Bonde
Business Development Manager
Meet our Mr. Favourite. Because his fabulous communication skills and sense of humour make him a beloved figure in our office. With these qualities, he never fails to bring laughter and effortlessly turns clients into friends. When meeting him for the first time, you may start as strangers, but by the end of the conversation, it feels like you’ve been friends for ages.
Charu Khanchandani
“Peace Of Mind can be achieved by only two things: Ginger Tea and Organized Work” – Philosophy Of Our Manager. She’s the perfect example of a Living-Multi-tasker breaking the working culture myths. You may win in BGMI against her, but not in her managerial skills.
Bhawana Kungwani
Social Media Manager
We all know, Batman talks less, but not ours! Her intellect, sharp analytical, and smart strategies always keep us two steps ahead in this market. And she’s the most talkative as well.
Yashwant Meshram
eCommerce Specialist
Meet our eCommerce specialist. The guy behind our eCom’s success. His strategies, sharp perspectives, and project leadership skills always deliver the best outputs. He is our Captain America holding a shield of eCommerce with fail-proof success plans in mind. And the best part is: He Can Do This His Stuff All Day!
Pranay Sawarkar
The guy with two heads. One is his own, and another is his Jarvis an AI. Meet our social media manager and copywriter. From writing and converting copies to handling multiple special media handles, everything can be multitasked with his Jarvis. He would love to write for you and deliver output multiplied by 3000 times.
Mohammad Raza
Creative Designer
Another magician in the crew. Creative isn’t creative enough without his input. From rebranding to designing and creating awesome reels, his spells and years of experience will always bring something interesting to the table. This is our Graphic Jaadugar! From the BA.
Deep Chandwani
Jr. eCommerce Specialist
The versatile person in the team. Our Jr. eCommerce Analysts and office DJ. Making a workplace into a music concert where he sings along with his playlist and, finishing the tasks at lightning speed, these two are his forte. Accurately listing your products on eCom sites without any mistakes while playing music. Doing both things at the same time makes him a multitasker in the team.
Bhavika Chandawani
Meet our little Mathematician. She is the chalta-firta calculator of our office. She cannot live without Calcy because she is our Accountant. Crazy, talkative, and prompt in accounting. If you’ve spent from the office budget, beware! She will be behind you for accounting.
Priya Kadu
Inventory Manager
From being a perfect mom to our perfect inventory manager, she is no less than a wonder woman in our team. Her incredible management and working speed, these two are her superpowers. Plus, she is excellent in packaging too.

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